Hope Dozier

Hi my name is Hope Dozier! I am a married mother of four awesome kids; Lola, Luke, and stepmother to Jonathan and Jacob. I am currently completeing my BA in Pscyhology, as well as, my on going studies in sport science and nutrition. It isn't easy for me to tell "my story" since "my story" is written every day by serving children, my husband, and in any way God leads and directs me. I am a lover of all things God, because He is my rock, my foundation, and my heart. I am also a lover of all things fitness. As a child I would go on long walks with my mother and watch her exercise, and try to keep up with her in every way. Many of my happy memories are tied to fitness. I have never struggled with enjoying exercise, and by coaching I have spent many years helping others find the joy in it as well. I believe in a few philosophies; you are never too old to change your health, if you stop learning you stop evolving, to serve others is to love others, to use your talents is to tell God, "Thank You", to take care of your body is to tell God, "Thank You". In truth, I believe in too many to actually list. However, it seems only natural, pun intended, that I would be brought to this amazing company, and have the opportunity to help others, not only reach their fitness goals, and create healthier habits that will last a life time, but to love their bodies by taking care of it, and in doing so be able to tell God, "Thank you!"

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